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Slam Junk!
Slam Junk!


"Indie Of The Year" contest
Hello everyone!

We have recently joined the IndieDB website and we are participating in the "Indie Of The Year" contest that finishes on December 10th.

If you liked the game, help us to make it even more famous, it's just a simple click ("Vote for this game" square).

Indie of the Year Awards
"Slam Junk!" game download!
And here it comes!

We are sorry for the continuous delay, but the wait is finally over.

We have published the download links in the game section as well as the typical problems that you may find.

We received a lot of positive feedback during the public presentation at the UPF, and we believe it's time to let everyone try our "small" project.

Try it and tell us what do you think about it on our Facebook or Twitter!
"Slam Junk!" trailer online!
Good news everyone!

We are proud to introduce you the first trailer of Slam Junk! (Previously project biocell).

The final presentation will be held at the end of the month at the UPF, but we expect to have the game uploaded in the following weeks! More info soon

A little update before deadline!
Hi everyone!

After a long summer of work and just a few weeks for the final deadline, we have now a lot of surprises prepared for you in game.

We can't wait to show you the final result!

Third milestone of Biocell released!
Hi people!

Today we show you the third milestone of Biocell. Four months left to end the game, but this is improving little by little.

Enjoy your holidays while we work hard on Project Biocell!

Tank enemy. Final design
Hi again! This time we bring our third character: the tank enemy, the biggest one.

With his strength he'll try to crush you. Be watchful when you hear something heavy.

Second milestone of Biocell released!
Hello everyone, we are back!

It tooks us some time to get the video done, but we hope you like our milestone 2. The level for this test looks a little more like the final design, but we are still remodeling almost everything to make the gameplay more interesting.

Expect more news about characters soon!

Level design. Game locations
Hello everyone! We have been working pretty hard on our Milestone 2, and while we are still editing our next video, we would like to give you a taste of the planned game locations in the meantime.

From top to bottom we can see: the boiler room, the factory core and the art corridor, we hope you like them.

We will update soon a new video with the Milestone 2 and a lot of changes so stay tunned!

Boiler room

Factory core

Art corridor

Weak enemy. Final design
Today we introduce you the little member of the family: the weak enemy.

He is able to shoot projectiles and slash enemies into pieces, so be careful, you've been warned :)

Main character. Final design
Time for fresh news! Here's our final design for the main character: Drew Knight.

As you can see, he will carry a special backpack that will give him energy to perform a different set of skills. You have to see him in action, it's going to look awesome :)

We will update with the rest of the characters as soon as they are done, stay tuned!
First milestone of Biocell released!
¡We are proud to announce the first milestone of the project Biocell!

On this video you will be able to see the current gameplay, camera view angles, proportions and rythm for the test map (the final design will be completely remodeled).

Welcome to the Six Gears website!
Hello and welcome to our new website! We are currently developing a videogame with the codename Biocell for the master in game design at UPF.

Here are a few concept arts from the project, we hope you like them.

Main character

Tank enemy

Final boss