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The game freezes while loading or gives error loading texture X.
- Make sure you aren't running the game with the integrated graphic card. Slam Junk! needs a graphic card compatible with the Pixel and Vertex Shaders 4.0 or higher.

Guide to load the game from laptops with integrated and ATI/NVIDIA cards.
- If you have both cards on your laptop, you must ensure that the game is loaded with the ATI/NVIDIA card to be displayed correctly.

- For ATI cards:
· Press the right button over the game executable.
· Select Interchangeable graphics.
· Add Slam Junk! to High performance profile.

- You can also do that from ATI catalyst control panel.

- For NVIDIA cards:
· Press the right button over the game executable.
· Select Load with graphic processor.
· Click on load with NVIDIA high performance processor.

- You can also do that from NVIDIA control panel.

The game displays weird graphical effects.
- Make sure you have your graphic card drivers updated.

The game is not visible, but can be heard.
- Try changing the resolution. Go to the "config.xml" file and change the expression resolution width="1280" height="720" to any other suitable.
- Run it in windowed mode. Go to the "config.xml" file and change the fullscreen expression enabled="true" to enabled="false".

I try to play with gamepad, but the game does not detect it.
- The game is only compatible with controls that use XInput controller (XBOX 360 Controller). If you don't have one, you can emulate with any free program like:

After loading, the game displays a black screen.
- Try to recharge the level on the Chapter selection menu o restart the game.

The game shows another problem.
- Please, contact us.